Music starting to all sound the same?

There are really only a few sets of chord changes


There are really only a few sets of chord changes

Watch how Rip Tard blows through a ton of songs while playing the same changes over and over.

Most Songs Are the Same Few Chord Progressions

Feb 1, 2016

Check out Rip Tard showing you 30 songs that are all the same 3 chords.

Most songs you’re used to use the same chord progressions over and over in a few different keys

The more songs you know, the more you realize how much they are the same. Most popular songs are made up of the same 3 or 4 chord progression, transposed into a few different keys. But, if you think of chord progressions in a relative sense, (thinking I, V, vi, IV instead of C, G, am, F) you just see the same combinations over and over. The downside of this is you’ll start to get board with the same old thing after a while. The upside is that it gets really easy to learn new songs. You don’t have to learn a whole new thing, just recognize that it’s this pattern then that pattern, referring to patterns you already know. Suddenly you can learn 50 songs in the time it used to take you to learn one. That’s a big upside!

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