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New Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases


Unique and protective phone cases from Otterbox and Carved

Ready to customize Celtic designs, music designs and animal print Galaxy cases

Galaxy S8 Cases

 Red and Gold Celtic Cross Wood Carved Samsung GalaxyView Now Natural Wood Acoustic Guitar Monogram Music Carved Samsung GalaxyView Now Red and Gold Celtic Knot Natural Wood Carved SamsungView Now Green Celtic Heart Knot Mandala Monogram OtterBox Commuter SamsungView Now Celtic Peace Sign Mandala Carved Samsung Galaxy S8+ CaseView Now Teal Gold and Black Celtic Knot Mandala Monogram OtterBoxView Now Monogram Music Notes Pattern Otterbox Galaxy CaseView Now Elegant Turquoise Music Notes Lace Personalized OtterBox Commuter SamsungView Now Monogram Purple Music https://easyproductdisplays.com/multi-product/#Notes Otterbox Galaxy CaseView Now Personalized Purple Faux Metal Otterbox CaseView Now Lavender Pearl Fractal Otterbox CaseView Now Metallic Purple Floral Monogram Otterbox CaseView Now Purple Damask on Teal or Your Color OtterBox CommuterView Now Rustic Copper Vintage Damask Monogram OtterBox Commuter Samsung GalaxyView Now Turquoise Damask on Black Otterbox Cell Phone CaseView Now Elegant Blue Green Damask Monogram OtterBox Commuter Samsung GalaxyView Now Monogram Turquoise Blue Green Celtic Knot Mandala OtterBox CommuterView Now Purple Celtic Heart Mandala Monogram OtterBox Commuter SamsungView Now Celtic Heart Knot on Turquoise Purple Damask OtterBoxView Now Trippy Celtic Heart Knot Mandala Monogram OtterBox Commuter SamsungView Now Celtic Heart Mandala In Green Gold OtterBox Commuter SamsungView Now Red and Gold Celtic Heart Knot Mandala Otterbox OtterBoxView Now Turquoise Damask Celtic Knot OtterBox Commuter Samsung Galaxy S8View Now Red Celtic Knot Mandala Otterbox OtterBox Commuter Samsung GalaxyView Now

OtterBox Commuter Samsung Galaxy S8 Case

Thin, protective, dual-layer defense case guards against drops and tumbles, while the slim pocket-friendly design makes a serious impression.

Made from high-impact polycarbonate shell and synthetic rubber interior slipcover

Adhesive screen protector blocks scratches, scrapes and scuffs

Port plugs stop dust and lint from clogged inputs

Carved Slim Wood Cases for Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+

Carved cases are printed on real domestic, sustainable wood by a group of perfectionist artisans in Indiana, USA. Carved’s high-quality UV printing technique showcases the natural wood grain, producing a unique and beautiful look and sleek and exquisite feel that is a pleasure to touch and easy to grip. Made from Maple, cherry, or walnut, and UV printed on wood inlay, providing a textured feel and vivid colors-images without actually carving them into the wood. They are then finished with 2 coats of durable protective finish and clear plastic encasing finish which easily snaps on & protects your phone. The 100% wood inlay gives each case a unique natural wood grain pattern.

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