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Hashtag Awesomesauce

#Awesomesauce ~ About the things that make you squeal with delight and feel happy and giggly all over. Those magical little things that make life more than just OK. The special something you look forward to all day. The subject that gets you so excited you just can’t wait to share. The words of wisdom that inspire you so suddenly everything makes sense. Awesomesauce can be your favorite dessert, sleeping on silk sheets, the killer new outfit, an enlightening. cosmic connection or a delicious carnal encounter. It’s the thing you were born to do, the story or photo in your stream that makes you laugh until your sides hurt. It’s knowing that your favorite person loves YOU, and you can be yourself with them. It’s the song that makes your feet wiggle until you just have to get up and dance. It’s a special gift when you least expect it, or a screaming electric guitar riff that propels you into the air and makes you jump up and down playing air guitar with wild abandon.

Awesomsauce is hearing someone sing the c*@p out of a song you love or play an instrument in a totally new and unexpected way. It’s the drink that tastes so good you suck on every sip letting it slowly melt in your mouth because it is too delicious to swallow. It’s the thing that’s just so cute you can hardly stand it and you have to show it to everyone.

(Oh, look! It’s a puppy holding a kitten!)

Awesomesauce is the feeling you get when you realize you’ve just found the absolute most perfect gift for someone special or the amazing rush you get when you see your baby laugh with delight and then look over at you with the biggest eyes you’ve ever seen.


The things that make life truly worthwhile.